Bicycle washing station, developed taking into account the needs of cyclists and the care for the bicycle and its components.


Bicycle Washing Station

The BiciCleaner is a bike-washing station, developed taking into account the needs of cyclists, of any type (urban, mountain, road). It is an ideal station for a quick rinsing or a more rigorous cleaning. The BiciCleaner was prepared for washing at low pressure in order not to damage the bike components such as bearings, levers and suspensions. It has lots of advantages, of which we highlight:
Designed for small spaces.
Designed not to disperse water during the wash.
Includes specific cleaning accessories for bicycles.
Washing with water at low pressure.
Encourages the use and regular maintenance of the bike.
Its applications are many, including:
MTB centers.
Bike lanes and other paths for bicycles.
Sports facilities.
Universities and schools
Commercial spaces, and Hotels
It can operate also via payment (coins, notes, cards or through an APP), allowing you to open a bike washing business full autonomous and open 24/7

SPECIFICATIONS Features: 1. Bicycle washing hose low pressure. 2. Retention panel and drain, with water valve flush timer. 3. Plumb for placement of cleaning accessories grabbed with aeronautic cables. 4. Basket for storage of cleaning bike specific accessories. 5. Bike washing rack 6. Two types of drainage channel (optional). 7. Galvanized drain grille with security setting. Finishing and options: Anticorrosive treatment (galvanization as standard option). Electrostatic painting anti-UV. The BICicleaner produced in full stainless steel (optional). Graphic customization for branding, signage and advertising (optional). Two types of drainage channel available (optional). Two types of wheels for most common fittings and Plus/FatBikes (optional) 4 specific cleaning accessories for bicycles 1. Brush for cleaning tough dirt on wheels and components. 2. Brush on cone for corners. 3. 2 Teeth brush for frame, spokes and disks 4. Claw-shaped Brush for chains, cassettes and details.
INSTALLATION Distance to walls: The back of the BIciCleaner can be faced to the wall. For the sides we recommend a free distance between 50-100 cm. For parallel installations to the roads we recommend a minimum clearance of 200 cm. In perpendicular installations the installer shall ensure a minimum distance of 150 cm. In no event shall the BICIcleaner intercept sidewalks, cycle paths or roads.