UrbanFix Pumpless

UrbanFix Pumpless is an autonomous bicycle repair station based on our most iconic product, the UrbanFix, but without an integrated air pump, for those situations where an autonomous pump can make more sense in your space


Self-Service Repair Station for Bicycles

This public usage service station is designed to help cyclists in their rides, allowing them to have a place to repair the bicycle with its tools in order to make it without problems home or to a bike mechanic if it is necessary.
With 10 tools and a universal stand, the Urbanfix Pumpless was designed so that any bike can be easily maintained or repaired without any sort of complications

Features and Advantages
Universal support/hanger for any kind of bike.
10 tools (the most common for all bikes)
Incentivates the regular maintenance of the bike.
3 areas for branding, signage or advertising purposes

Where to place the URBANfix®H2O
Ciclopaths and e Ecopaths
Sports facilities such as Mountain or Road Bike Centres
Public transportation terminals
Hotels that want to be Bike Frendly
Universities and colleges
Shopping areas wishing to be bike friendly and captivating new publics

URBANfix ® + info!
1. Supporting hanger designed to fix firmly and simply hold any type of bicycle or frame
2. Includes 10 tools to make the most common maintenance and repairing operations.
3. Stainless steel protection to avoid painting damages provoked by the tools
4. Ground fixing system on the inside with possible installation in all the kinds of terrain
5. PVC moulded coating support for complete bike frame protection.
6. Manometer included
7. Branding, signage or advertising areas (optional)
8. Information and usage graphics with instructions

SPECIFICATIONS 1. Supporting hanger designed to firmly and easily hold any type of bicycle frame 2. PVC Coated cables for tools 3. Includes 10 tools to make the most common maintenance and repairing operations required for bicycles
INSTALAÇÃO In ground mounting, according to the local specifications