UrbanFix H2O

The most complete and compact repair, washing and tuning station for bicycles, with water spout included.
It allows you to repair one bicycle while washing another and filling your water bottle at the same time.


Self-Service Repair Station for washing and repairing Bicycles

The URBANfix®H2O is a self-service repair and washing station prepared for autonomous use. It includes a hanger, tools, and pump to help cyclists on their rides, it has also a connection to a water point, which allows it to fill water bottles and a hose to wash the bike.
With the URBANfix®H2O the cyclist has the most complete and compact service station for bicycles.
Features and Advantages
Universal support/hanger for any kind of bike.
10 tools and an air pump.
Washing hose for low pressure washing.
Water point for water bottles.
Incentives the regular maintenance of the bike.

Where to place the URBANfix®H2O
Ciclopaths and e Ecopaths
Sports facilities such as Mountain Bike Centres
Hotels that want to be Bike Frendly
Carwash Centres that wish to diversify customer base
Shopping areas wishing to be bike friendly and captivating new publics

SPECIFICATIONS 1. Supporting hanger designed to fix firmly and simply hold any type of bicycle or frame 2. Includes 10 tools to make the most common maintenance and repairing operations. 3. Stainless steel protection to avoid painting damages provoked by the tools 4. Ground fixing system on the inside with possible installation in all the kinds of terrain 5. PVC moulded coating support for complete bike frame protection. 6. Bike washing Hose. 7. Water tap for water bottle filling. 8. Double capacity universal Air Pump with manual working and reinforced hose. 9. Specific support hook for bike washing.
INSTALLATION Distances for walls: The back of the URBANfix H2O must be at least 700mm from the wall. The sides should guarantee a minimum of 1500mm of free space to the nearest obstacle for the side without the washing grabbing claw, and 2500mm to the washing claw Distances to roads: For parallel installations to the roads, a minimum distance of 1500mm is recommended. In perpendicular installations a minimum distance of 3000mm must be ensured. Under no circumstances should the URBANfixH2O intercept roads, cycle paths or sidewalks. Free installation or with surface fastening with chemical bushing or expansive anchorage. Water instalment must be connected to the public water system as it includes water for human consumption too.