Bike Defender segregador ciclovia cycle path delineator
Bike Defender segregador ciclovia cycle path delineator
Delineador de ciclovia bike Defender
Bike Defender cycle Lane delineator

Bike Defender Cycle Lane Delineator

Robust and innovative cycle lane delineator segregator with great visibility.
Made of Recycled Rubber


Bike Defender Cycle path delineator

The Bike Defender cycle lane delineators are traffic elements used to construct protected bike lanes on the road and can be installed continuously or discontinuously. The Bike Defender is a Segregation system for improving safety and mobility for road users.
The Bike Defender system makes it possible to adapt cities in a short time thanks to the possibility of implementing the project quickly and economically.
Its price is competitive because it does not require large-scale works on public roads.
It is a flexible system that can be adapted in the case of changes in the urban development and mobility in the area where it is installed.
Cycle lane separators can be adapted to any kind of road and to the needs of the area.
The whole system is designed to minimise the environmental impact and its products are made with recycled materials.
It is designed to provide high visibility, thereby maximising safety in the cycle lane and on the roads where it is installed.

SPECIFICATIONS Maximizes cyclist safety on the bike lane thanks to its original and robust design and its reflective strips. The recycled material gives it a high resistance to weather and its rounded shape dampen the blows. Recycled rubber. Manufacturing in the EU. Flexible arrangement: straight or inclined. Maximize safety distance. With reflective bands to ensure day and night visibility. With three fixing points to the pavement. Shock absorber. Resistant to shock and weather.
INSTALLATION Installed in all rigid surfaces: Milling depth depending on location features.