Vending machine to allow your business to sell 24/7, Bicycle related products.


Bike Vending

Biciway Vending is the solution to ensure sales even when your store is closed.
Through a choice of high turnover products for repair or use on bicycles, with the possibility of including nutrition products or refreshments to generate more margins, BiciVending helps you having a permanent revenue despite the hours.
System dedicated to accessories of high turnover with large margins.
Over 30% of stock capacity, compared to traditional vending systems.
Easily adjustable to different types of
Anti-vandalism systems with SMS alerts.
Easy to use, reliable product delivery Remote equipment and stock management.

SPECIFICATIONS Easy division of temperature zones, refrigerated and ambient, regulated three heights. Up to 8 shelves adjustable in height with a maximum of 7 distribution channels per each. Delivery system of articles with confirmation by photocells. Security system to prevent sales of products with expired date. Construction Anti-vandalism. Remote management and control (Inventory, alerts, sales information, price update) Cashless payments (debit or credit cards) to prevent theft. Customizable with your branding.