Velopa Capacity
Velopa Capacity


Two tier bicycle parking from Dutch manufacturer Velopa, made of steel


Two tier bicycle parking Steel

The CapaCITY uses space more efficiently than any other multi-tier bicycle rack and is available at a very low price. The CapaCITY allows you to store bicycles one above the other, thus doubling storage capacity at a stroke in major transport hubs, offices and shopping centres. The system uses integrated gas springs to provide assistance when lifting bicycles to the upper level.

– the bicycle hardly has to be lifted at all
– locking system for the bicycle
– ergonomically designed, non-slip handgrips
– parts that stick out are safely covered with a guard
– extra locking loops for optimum protection against theft

– double the bicycle parking capacity
– most efficient rack on the market
– sustainable, reliable and low-maintenance
– integrated detection system possible

SPECIFICATIONS MATERIALS AND TREATMENT Frame, wheel grooves, racks, wheel grips and extra locking loops: Steel, galvanized and/or coated Plastic elements: PA6 glass-fibre filled MODELS Centre to centre distance of 40 cm - one-sided rack for 4, 8, 10, 12 or 16 bicycles - double-sided rack for 8, 16, 24 or 32 bicycles RECOMMENDED HEIGHT 275 cm FIETSPARKEUR All CapaCITY models comply with FietsParKeur standards for dual-level bicycle parking systems. FietsParKeur guarantees high quality bicycle parking facilities. The standard has been developed in collaboration with the Dutch Cyclists Association. ATTACHMENT OPTIONS There is a securing loop for every bicycle on the CapaCITY. The securing loops are big enough for cable and chain locks. At your request, all CapaCITY models can come with additional facility to attach bicycle locks to the CapaCITY Product code: BCW.E0036 Shipping info: Please contact us
INSTALLATION Free standing or surface instalation with anchoring