BiciParking Easy

Modular multi-bike parking system easy to mount and install


Sheffield Modular Bike Parking

Our BICIparking EASY are a simple inexpensive cycle parking solution that can be installed in almost any location. You can simply bolted to an existing .surface making it easy to install or just leaving it free standing. Each rack has multiple locking points ensuring the bikes are secure.

SPECIFICATIONS BICIparking EASY6 Dimensions: 800x750mx1750mm Weight: 34kg BICIparking EASY10 Dimensions: 800x750mx3350mm Weight: 58kg Colour: Several RAL colors Material: Steel, 50x3mm Protection: Metalization/Zinc/Hot dip Galvanization Painting: Electrostactic Powder coating Product code: BCW.E0009 Shipping info: 760x810x170mm, 24kg 80x40x1800mm, 10kg Product code: BCW.E0011 Shipping info: 760x810x280mm, 40kg 80x40x3400mm, 18kg
INSTALLATION Free standing or surface installation with anchoring