BiciSafe Smart

Public use Locker with rectangular shape designed to fit two bikes, one from each side. Access via APP that allows users to open, lock, reserve, pay per use.


Intelligent Bike Locker

“The BiciSafe is like a garage for your bicycle, it provides your bike with the security it needs.

The Smart version of the BiciSafe allows users/cyclists to find, unlock, rent and pay for their bike locker usage, with their smartphone through our APP.
For the BiciSafe owners, this means an “hands off” management (i.e. no more managing keys or payments as it is all done automatically within the APP).

With the Smart system, the BiciSafe guarantees that you will know who, when and how many times the lockers were used, allowing you to charge for use or overuse.
Either if what you search for is protection from weather or protections from theft, your bike is safe within this equipment, it is the most solid choice for long-term bicycle parking.

Features and advantages:
Built in payment, user list, access control, and live-data reporting.
Android an IOS interfacing APP, anyone with a smartphone is able to use your system.
No need for keys, always find a free locker wherever available. The BiciSafe Smart bike lockers allow users to find, reserve, rent, and pay (optional) for bike locker usage via smartphone App.

Concerned about security?
Our access control feature allows you to grant and restrict usage. Security is a priority for BICIWAY that’s why we make sure that every user can be identified through their phone number and credit card (optional).
Our admin and email authorization allows you to manage and restrict access to your bike locker. You’ll know who is using your system, when they’re using it, and for how long they’re renting.

SPECIFICATIONS Intuitive APP interface Android & IOS On-line management platform Possibility of payment module included Electronic activated high-security locks No need for electricity and/or internet connection on site
APP Specific Management tools usage training