Bicipump is an air pump made for public spaces and for the usage of all cyclists. Its head is also suitable for other users such as wheelchairs and scooters.


Public Use Air Pump for Bicycles

Bicipump is an air pump made for public spaces and for the usage of all cyclists. It may be placed in any part of the city and thanks to its universal valves it is compatible with all sorts of bikes including those in need of higher pressure for their tyres.
This is all possible without the need of electricity to operate.

SPECIFICATIONS Made of Steel with a double pump, it is robust and durable Made for Urban Spaces – Ultra robust Universal Valve head (Schraeder/Presta) No need for electricity to operate This equipments was made for: Urban spaces Schools and universities Companies and Bike hotels
INSTALLATION Installation Instructions 1. Remove both screws M10 hexagonal from the pedal to let the cylinder loose 2. Remove the front panel using a screwdriver to remove the six M4 screws on the side that hold it 3. Remove the four screw-nuts and screws that hold the set air pump to the BiciPump used during the transportation process (save those, you will need them for later) 4. Place the BiciPump in the location it will be mounted and mark the four drilling points in the place where the existing holes fit. a. Note: For solid surfaces we recommend the usage of Threaded rod and chemical bushing or expanding anchorage systems 5. Place the BiciPump in place followed by the kit of the air pump and tighten the two sets to the ground with the original screw-nuts 6. Place and screw the front panel followed by the cylinder to the pedal with the M10 hexagonal screws.