New Biciparking Care, more protection, less scratches

Lovehoop bike parking estacionamento bicicletas cyclehoop
Biciway and Cyclehoop established a partnership for Portugal
4 December, 2019
Biciparking Vertic Hotel YouandtheSea Ericeira
You And The Sea, Bike Hotel in Ericeira equipped by Biciway
15 January, 2020

Biciway has launched its new version of Biciparking Care, a Sheffield-type bike parking that features a rubber coating designed to protect bikes.

This new model replaces the old one that protected only the top of the bike. This new version has a rubber bath that goes up to half of each foot, thus having a larger area of ​​protection against scratches.

Biciparking Care Sheffield Parking Rubber

This new, thicker version not only protects bikes from the scratches of parking impacts, but also helps against robbery. The Rubber, when the thief is using an angle grinder to cut trough the steel, melts and renders the saw unusable.

Biciparking Care is compatible with all types of chains and padlocks, including U-Lock.

 Biciparking Care Sheffield Parking Rubber

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