Israel has already its new UrbanFix – Hasharon has become more bicycle friendly

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7 October, 2020
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UrbanFix em Israel Hasharon

Biciway installed the first UrbanFix self-service bicycle repair station in Israel. The city of Hasharon began to seriously invest in smooth mobility and with the help of DRIVALL, the company of Ehud Horowitz, our distributor for the region and a bicycle and mobility enthusiast, the first step has been taken.

The locals were impressed with the robustness and ease of use of the equipment that the city acquired. UrbanFix has 10 tools, support and air pump to assist cyclists in their pedaling, allowing them to have a support point for minor repairs or adjustments, in order to be able to solve problems immediately or to arrive comfortably and safely at home or a bicycle shop with specialized mechanics service.

It was designed so that any bicycle can be easily supported in order to be maintained or repaired without complications.

Let’s go Drivall let’s make Israel even more bike friendly!

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