Biciway, Preventive Measures COVID19

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28 February, 2020
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It’s time to slow down and protect our employees, family and friends!

Thus, until communication of the control of the epidemic outbreak, BICIWAY adopts the following measures:

⚠️ Closing of the headquarters office at the DNA Cascais facilities;

⚠️ Keep part of its services up and running at the Sintra plant, although with a very small number of employees;

⚠️ Travel to our facilities in Sintra will be restricted to partners / suppliers and after scheduling by email or phone.

⚠️ Our commercial and technical team remains fully contactable via phone, mobile phone and email, continuing to satisfy the needs of our customers;

⚠️ Travels to our customers’ premises, either for commercial purposes or for the implementation of equipment, will not take place.

⚠️ Package deliveries will be exclusively handled by freight companies

We believe that with the operational application of these measures, together with the remaining recommendations of the DGS, we will be mitigating the consequences of this pandemic.

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