Biciway and Cyclehoop established a partnership for Portugal

BiciBox IPCA Velopa Easylift Premium UrbanFix
Biciway installed a new BiciBox in the north of Portugal – Barcelos
13 November, 2019
New Biciparking Care, more protection, less scratches
16 December, 2019
Lovehoop bike parking estacionamento bicicletas cyclehoop

Lovehoop bike parking estacionamento bicicletas cyclehoop

Biciway Bicycle Mobility Solutions has partnered with Cyclehoop UK to distribute this company’s equipment in Portugal.

With this partnership, Biciway now represents in Portugal the range of bicycle parking spaces of its English counterpart.

Equipment like Carport, Bikeport, Lovehoop and Cyclehoop HD are now part of our range.
Biciway always bets on the innovation of the products it develops and manufactures, but also on the innovation of its partner companies that must be innovative and strong in this business segment that aims to create conditions to ensure cyclists safety.
In this case, safety of where to park, storing the bike correctly and safely

 BikeHangar Cyclehoop [/ caption]



 Cyclehoop HD [/ caption]



 CarbikePort cyclehoop [/ caption]


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