Bicicleaner and Urbanfix in Bilbao to make the city bike friendly

Camping Piccolo in Switzerland is the new Bike Friendly camping with Biciway
19 February, 2020
Óbidos is now Bike Friendly with Biciway and Prio Energy
28 February, 2020

Bilbao is more Bike Friendly with bike equipment by @biciway.

Washing Station Bicicleaner and Repair Station Urbanfix for bicycles were installed in Botika Vieja and Muelle Sirgueras.

These equipment were requested by citizens under the local participatory budget in an effort to make the city more cyclable.
Our distributor JOMA took care of the rest!

Check the article in Bilbao news Deia:

«Bilbao instala dos autotalleres para bicis en Botika Vieja y Muelle Sirgueras» by Olga Sáez

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